The "Friends museum Thirathen" is a recognized non-profit organisation which was established by a group of individuals who wished to provide moral and financial support to the Museum.

"Friends" of all ages can support the Museum by:

  • Publicizing its activities
  • Providing for the enrichment of its collections
  • Encouraging its aims through donations, legacies, voluntary work and suggestions for improvement.

"Friends of museum Thirathen" receive a special membership card which entitles them to:

  • Free entrance to our Museum.
  • Invitations to some events at the Museum.
  • Participate in the program of activities including guided visits to the Museum focused at improving knowledge of its collections.

The organisation supports the Museum in many ways, such as:

  • Organizing fund-raising events.
  • Providing funds for the acquisition of instruments or for the financial needs of its various depart

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