Just 15 km from Heraklion, at the historical village of Krousonas is located the Museum of Greek folk music, musical instruments, research and documentation with the characteristic name "THIRATHEN" ( thyrathen pedia = classical education education in Byzantium who had secular nature). In a renovated traditional house, where the sounds of nature pollinate the traditional instruments and spawn ever insuperable melodies, reserves to the visitor a trip to the charm of the music. One of the purposes of the museum is the local society's acquaintance with Greek traditional music in its entirety and its familiarity with the traditional instruments initial of the local ones, and then those of the neighbouring countries. The Museum's ambitions include the emergence of a cradle of culture through a variety of festivities and actions based on traditional music. An additional goal is the creation of the center for research and documentation of our musical tradition. 

The collection of musical instruments was carried out with funding from AKOMM and are classified in accordance with E VON HORUBASTEL – S. SAHS with criterion the produced sounds from their respective pulse movements of materials at aerophones, chordophona, membranophona and idiophone. The Museum collaborates with the educational institutions of the region in order to implemented visits from schools at the museum for educational purposes, accompanied by a variety of actions, such as music-and-movement games, tours, slide views.

Members club

The "Friends museum Thirathen" is a recognized non-profit organisation which was established by a group of individuals who wished to provide moral and financial support to the Museum.

"Friends" of all ages can support the Museum by:

  • Publicizing its activities
  • Providing for the enrichment of its collections
  • Encouraging its aims through donations, legacies, voluntary work and suggestions for improvement.

"Friends of museum Thirathen" receive a special membership card which entitles them to:

  • Free entrance to our Museum.
  • Invitations to some events at the Museum.
  • Participate in the program of activities including guided visits to the Museum focused at improving knowledge of its collections.

The organisation supports the Museum in many ways, such as:

  • Organizing fund-raising events.
  • Providing funds for the acquisition of instruments or for the financial needs of its various depart

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