Thirathen Museum  , having invested heavily in quality tourism and specifically in Tourism associated with the Musical tradition of the place, created an excursion to the mountainous village "Krousonas", where it is the seat of   the Museum.

So our visitors to Krousonas, apart from the beautiful sights they will meet and tour, some of which date back to the 9th century, will be fortunate to experience traditions and experiences that will hardly ever meet elsewhere.

Particularly apart from the interactive tour of the museum, they will have the opportunity to play Cretan music with the accompaniment of idiosyncratic organs, to learn Cretan dances and not simply to participate, and then to see the art of cheese making in Crete and to make traditional to try traditional products that they will make, to taste traditional Cretan wine and of course raki and many other activities. It is worth noting that the staff of the Museum speaks several languages to serve your clients.

For this reason, because we know and love the tradition and the culture of Crete better than others, because it is just our job, we can and we have the knowledge to transfer it to the visitors of Crete