The Museum event that took place on 04/05/2023 at the cultural conference center was completed with great success.

This is a production of the Museum of Traditional Music Instruments Research & Documentation

ΤΗΙΡΑΤΗΕΝ. This is the first complete work dealing with the Cretan lute. It highlights the historicity of the instrument over the centuries, how it was formed and how ended up in Crete.

At the same time, he has taken qualified samples of musicians from all regions of Crete with a purpose to cover the musical idioms that disappear over time and should be preserved. The purpose of making the documentary is to give the new researcher or musician a ready-made yeast

Τo study in depth the continuous evolution of the tradition. Since it is worth mentioning that the word tradition, one of the most misunderstood words, is a living concept that hides within the term development.

It is worth mentioning the co-financing of the production by the Region of Crete and We would like to warmly thank both the Regional Governor Stavros Arnautakis and the mandated consultant for culture and expatriate Hellenism Kostas Fasoulakis.

Musicians: Apostolakis Dimitris, Vlamakis Dimitris, Manolakis Giorgos George Stavrakakis, George Stavrakakis of Vassiliou, Stavrianoudakis Kyriakos, Stratakis Nikos & Fragiadakis Antonis. It is worth noting that the entire production is dedicated to memory of the late Antonis Fragiadakis.

Narration: Eva Koutsogiannakis Pitsikaki (musician)

Screenplay-Research: Grigorios Pitsikakis

Directed by Kostas Halampalakis

Production Execution: Ciners

Participating: Michalis Belivanis (musician) & Grigoris Stratisis (instrumentalist)