After communication with the Cretan Federation of Australia and New Zealand and specifically with the President Mr. Tsourdalakis. The Museum's documentary Entitled the art of Lautos in Crete travels to Australia. More specifically, it is going to be shown in Melbourne, Australia and at the Film Festival in October.

The Thyrathen Museum thanks both the region of Crete for part of the financing of the documentary and the expatriate Cretans in Australia who enthusiastically embraced this documentary.

Musicians: Dimitris Apostolakis, Dimitris Vlamakis, Giorgos Manolakis Stavrakakis Giorgos, Giorgos Stavrakakis tou Vassiliou, Stavrianoudakis Kyriakos, Nikos Stratakis & Antonis Fragiadakis. It is worth noting that the entire production is dedicated to the memory of the late Antonis Fragiadakis.

Narration: Eva Koutsogiannakis Pitsikaki (musician)

Screenplay-Research: Grigorios Pitsikakis

Directed by Kostas Halampalakis

Production Execution: Ciners

Participating: Michalis Belivanis (musician) & Grigoris Stratisis (instrumentalist)