On Wednesday 28/02/2024 at 20:30 another musical Wednesday at the Thyrathen Museum, more specifically:

Kelly Thomas (lyra) presents a program of her compositions in collaboration with two wonderful musicians, Aris Kornelakis, multi-instrumentalist, composer and master of the lyra, and Eleanna Papanikolopoulou on percussion and singing.The trio's sound is powerful and sensitive at the same time, with the instruments interweaving in a beautiful dance of melodies and rhythms, both through instrumental compositions and through songs and improvisations.

The music is all original with influences from various traditions and an unpretentious balance between past and present. We will listen to compositions from the records "Anamkhara", "7 Fish" and "If the times stop", as well as anecdotal new tracks by both Kelis and Ari. All three, having studied at Labyrinth Music Workshop, believe in the creative approach of traditional music and not in its barren preservation. They promise a beautiful musical journey without a geographical destination.