The Thirathen Museum acquired three new musical instruments. In particular, yesterday 03.01.2024, the Museum received a phone call from Mr. Iraklis Pyrgianakis, a well-known engineer of the city, where he informed Mr. Pitsikakis Grigoris, Artistic Director of the Museum, that Ms. Aikaterini Vlachosotiriou wants to leave some musical instruments to the Thirathen Museum in order to use them for the Museum's educational activities. So on the same day Ms. Vlachosotiriou together with K. Pyrgianakis brought the instruments to the Museum.

More specifically, it is a Cretan lute, a Pontic lyre and a Bulgarian lyre (gadulka).

The Thirathen Museum warmly thanks both Ms. Aikaterini Vlachosotiriou as well as Mr. Iraklis Pyrgianakis for the mediation between Ms. Vlachosotiriou and the Museum.