The Thirathen Museum collaborates with Fani Kampani who is a museologist/museum educator and loves children's books very much. With her we will discover the story behind a balalaika, because... In the Thirathen Museum every musical instrument hides a unique story..

But it is a balalaika that hides many...

The first part of the action includes narration about different places each time. From Chile to Japan and from the United Kingdom, to Crete or Syros. This, the first time we will travel to Spain...

In the second part we will discover words, images and sounds that are hidden under the musical instruments of the Thyrathen Museum and with them, then, we will make a new musical history all our own.

The program is recommended for all ages who love words and music, it is also recommended for the whole family.

Design-Implementation: Fani Kampani

Fani Kampani is a museologist/archaeologist with extensive experience in planning and implementing educational activities in cultural spaces. He also discovers beautiful children's books, goes in, travels and sometimes forgets to return.