Musical narrative performance of folk tales accompanied by live music.

Storyteller and musician draw material from the rich folk tradition of Crete and Greek mythology.They improvise with Speech and Music on a magical journey of the imagination and invite the audience to on-site dramatization, with role-plays!

Traditional goals, soundscapes, slick images and unpredictable scenes! Young and old, make room in your belly because as the old people used to say... "a fairy tale is a myth and our stomach is a jar"! Come let's get our fill of folk tales and purposes of the sea, which we will search for and take out from the jars of Plumist Fairy Tales !

An unforgettable experience for the whole family!

Performance duration: 60'

Ages: 3 - 103 years old

Editing - narration: Evangelia Orfanoudakis

Music - soundscape: Michalis Spyridakis

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