A few words about the show

The woman, as a source of inspiration, through various roles in

its social becoming, is a timeless and topical issue, still

and in the present days. Through the musical traditions of the world,

we see all aspects of the woman unfolding: from the girl who

she dreams and hopes to see her lover again, in the young lady,

to the mistress, to the mother, to the abused woman, to the woman victim,

to the planeutra woman, to the scherzo woman and even to the femme fatale.

In this performance, Thirathen Vocal Group will perform

traditional songs, and not only, dedicated to women, from all over

Greece and the wider region of the Balkans and the Mediterranean

and subsequently, it will travel from Western Europe to Mexico.

Cross-border and cross-cultural songs will be heard, which have

as a common theme the woman in her broadest manifestation and, besides

the Greek language, songs will also be heard in Bulgarian, in

Albanian, in German-Jewish (Yiddish), in Sephardic, in

Mexican, Arabic and Turkish.


1. Anna walks in the forest (Serron Mountain)

"Woman" (Th. Mousopoulos, 2019)

2. Yanka prez gora varveshe (Bulgaria)

"Forgotten fairy tale" (Paul Nirvanas)

3. Argyro (Lyrics-Music: Kanaris Keramaris)

4. Tumbalalaika (German Hebrew)

5. Beyond the Plains (Rhodes Dodecanese)

6. Menousis (Preveza Epirus)

7. A daughter was picking a wheel (Zakynthos Iptanision)

"Mother's Heart" (Jean Richepin, 1890)

8. La Llorona (Mexico)

9. Wa Habibi-My mother, mother (Hymn M. Paraskevi

Livanou-Translation in Greek: N. Gatsos)

"The Kiss" (G. Zalokostas 1851)

1. A shepherdess I loved-Una pastora yo ami


1. Liliano mome-Jorgica (Bulgaria-Albania)

"To a woman" (Tasos Livaditis)

1. Small red rose (Rizitiko)

2. 25 gërsheta-Karaguna (Albania-Thessaly)

"I want you to stop laughing" (Lyrics: St. Tzouanakos)

1. Gyftopoula in the hammam (Lyrics-Music: G. Batis)

2. My Arab scherzoza (Asia Minor)

3. Moribayassa (West Africa)

"The four foundations of the world" (N. Kazantzakis)

Thirathen Vocal Group was founded in 2018 and is under the auspices of and

supervision of the Thyrathen Museum.

It is a polyphonic vocal ensemble made up of

majority of its members from established professional musicians

and choristers with many years of choral experience. The repertoire that

covers includes traditional Greek songs, harmonized

for three- or four-part choir, as well as polyphonic traditional

songs from the musical traditions of the world, with an emphasis on

Mediterranean and the Balkans.

Thirathen Vocal Group presents its repertoire without the

accompanied by musical instruments (a capella), thus highlighting with

better way the variety and breadth, both of the human voice,

as well as our musical polyphonic tradition.

Artistic editing: Eva Koutsogiannakis-Pitsikakis, Eva Thanasis

Director: Nikolis Avramakis

Choir adaptation: Irini Theofanous

Thirathen Vocal Group Members:

Dimaki Eva, Thanasi Eva, Theofanous Irini, Koufou Thetida, 

LiaskouSofia, Maraugaki Christina, Plaiti Georgia, Stamataki Maria

Many thanks to the composer Kanaris Keramaris for the choral piece

editing of the song "Argyro".